Newell & Piggott appears in Lingua

Congratulations to Heather Newell and Glyne Piggott, whose paper "Interactions at the syntax-phonology interface: Evidence from Ojibwe" was just published by Lingua. You can...
October 6, 2014

Prosody Lab publications

Michael Wagner's Prosody Lab has had a prolific year, with publications including work by Elise McClay (McGill BA '12) and current PhD student Jeff...
September 2, 2014

Grodzinsky in Science Magazine

A new study in Neurolinguistics–"Phonetic Feature Encoding in Human Superior Temporal Gyrus"–is featured as the lead article in this week's Science Magazine (library link:
March 3, 2014

Bale and Coon to appear in Linguistic Inquiry

Alan Bale (Concordia) and Jessica Coon's paper "Classifiers are for numerals not for nouns: Consequences for the mass-count distinction" has been accepted for...
February 3, 2014

New publication by Tanya Slavin

Current post-doc Tanya Slavin has an article in this month's edition of the journal Lingua. Her article is titled "Deriving Object Experiencer Verbs in...
September 16, 2013

New issue of McGWPL

The latest issue of McGWPL is now available online: This volume, edited by Alanah McKillen and Brian Buccola, is a collection of papers...
June 24, 2013

Jessica Coon’s article in Language and Linguistics Compass

Jessica Coon's two-part article entitled "TAM Split Ergativity" has just appeared in the March issue of the journal Language and Linguistics Compass. Congratulations...
April 1, 2013

Sonderegger and Keshet (2012) on automatic phonetic measurement

A new paper co-authored by Morgan Sonderegger has appeared.  Congratulations! Sonderegger, Morgan and Joseph Keshet. "Automatic discriminative measurement of voice onset time using...
January 7, 2013

Two new papers by Michael

Two new papers by Michael Wagner have appeared.  Congratulations! Contrastive topics decomposed. Semantics & Pragmatics 5.8 (2012): 1–54. The analysis of contrastive...
December 31, 2012

McGWPL publication: Phonology in the 21st Century

McGWPL has just published the proceedings from MOT 2011 Phonology in the 21st Century: In Honour of Glyne Piggott.  The edition is available...
March 12, 2012