The 26th Workshop on Structure and Constituency of Languages of the Americas (WSCLA) took place this past weekend at McGill. More than 60 people attended regular sessions Friday–Saturday, and students, teachers, and staff from the The Kanien’kehá:ka Onkwawén:na Raotitióhkwa Language and Cultural Center Kanien’kéha immersion program in Kahnawà:ke joined for the Friday afternoon special session, which focused on Haudenosaunee language and linguistics. Talks by McGill presenters included:

  • Anne Bertrand (UBC), Terrance Gatchalian, Rose Underhill (UBC) – “A typology of roots in Ktunaxa”
  • Seth Cable (UMass) & James Crippen – “Stative Marking in Tlingit: Evidence for the Complexity of States”
  • Tehokwiráthe Cross (KOR), Terrance Gatchalian, Katya Morgunova, Willie Myers, Ro’nikonhkátste Norton (KOR) – “Lexical aspect and the stative present in Kanien’kéha”
  • David Shanks – “Vowel length, epsilon, and schwa in Southern Tutchone (Dene)”

WSCLA was co-organized by James Crippen and Jessica Coon, together with a team of student organizers: Chase Boles, Terrance Gatchalian, Mateo Jimenez-Haham, Will Johnston, Bernardas Jurevicius, Katya Morgunova, Willie Myers, and David Shanks. It was supported by a SSHRC Connection Grant to James Crippen, as well as support from McGill’s Indigenous Studies and Community Engagement Initiative.

WSCLA 2023 attendees
Kahtehrón:ni Stacey and Wahéhshon Whitebean’s public lecture
McGill linguists of past and present at WSCLA: Elan Dresher (UofT; BA ’71), Susana Bejar (UofT; Post-doc ’03–’05), Emily Elfner (York; Post-doc ’12–’14), James Crippen, Colin Brown (UCLA; MA ’16), Jessica Coon, Willie Myers, Mireille Tremblay (UdeM; PhD ’91), Justin Royer (Berkeley; PhD ’22), Terrance Gatchalian, Bernardas Jurevicius, Laurestine Bradford, Jasper Jian, Katya Morgunova