McLing would like to extend a warm welcome to another new postdoc, Michael (mitcho) Erlewine. Mitcho will be joining the department this summer in connection with the department’s FRQSC team grant. Welcome mitcho!

Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine inexplicably prefers to go by the name “mitcho.” He is currently finishing his dissertation at MIT, on interactions between the syntax/semantics of focus association and movement. Much of his work is on Mandarin Chinese, but he has also enjoyed investigating Atayal (Austronesian), Kaqchikel (Mayan), Japanese, and English. While at McGill, he will be working on his two current research areas: (a) the cross-linguistic syntax/semantics of focus, and (b) the interaction of movement with case, agreement, and voice. He looks forward to participating actively in McGill department life and collaborating with others.

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