McLing is pleased to introduce this year’s new graduate students, QY students, graduate research trainees, and postdoctoral fellows. Welcome to McGill!

Graduate students

Jurij Bozic‘s main research interest is in the interface between phonology, morphology and syntax (the ‘PF’-interface). He completed an M.A. in linguistics at the University of British Columbia.

Chris Bruno’s main interests lie in formal semantics and syntax, and he is also interested in other areas like pragmatics, logic, and computation. He completed his B.Sc. at the University of Toronto in Linguistics and Computer Science.

Ariel Chan is interested in heritage language acquisition, and language change and variation. She completed her B.A. at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and her M.A. at University of Hong Kong.

September Cowley is interested mainly in semantics (especially model theoretic semantics) and pragmatics, although she is also interested in neurolinguistics and philosophy of language. September did the first half of her degree at Langara College in Vancouver, and then completed her degree at McGill.

Anouk Dieuleveut just completed her undergraduate studies in linguistics and cognitive sciences at the ENS in Paris. She has a background in experimental psychology and is mostly interested in experimental semantics and pragmatics: her master’s thesis dealt with scalar implicatures and the distinction between primary and secondary implicatures. While at McGill, she will also be a course lecturer at the French department, but hopes nonetheless to have time to discover the hiking paths of Canada… Recommendations are welcome!

Bing’er Jiang’s research interests lie in phonetics and phonology, particularly in phonation and tone languages. She has just finished her undergraduate studies at Shanghai International Studies University.

Amanda Rizun is interested in semantics and pragmatics, especially as related to first and second language acquisition. She completed her B.A. at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Martha Schwarz is particularly interested in phonology and in fieldwork on understudied languages.  She completed her B.A. in linguistics at Brandeis University in Boston.  

Qin Xi (Kevin) is interested in syntax, semantics, syntax/semantics interface and syntax and prosody. In particular, he is fascinated and indeed puzzled by the use of determiners in English as well as across languages.

Christopher, Ariel, Bing’er, Martha, Anouk, September, Xi, Amanda, Jurij

Postdoctoral fellows

Meaghan Fowlie

Meaghan is just finishing her PhD at UCLA. She did her undergrad right here at McGill, and is delighted to be back. Her primary interests lie in mathematical approaches to syntax, but has a very broad range of interests, from ergativity to field work to music and language to learnability to sociolinguistics and yes, even phonetics and phonology. Her dissertation is about adjunction, from mathematical and experimental perspectives. For fun, Meaghan does linguistics. Kidding. Really. She also likes comics and novels, films and series, cooking and baking, and travelling and wilderness.


 Michael McAuliffe

Michael recently received his PhD in Linguistics from the University of British Columbia with a thesis titled “Attention and salience in lexically-guided perceptual learning”.  At McGill, he is doing a post-doc with Morgan Sonderegger and Michael Wagner to create tools and software for asking phonetic and phonological questions about speech corpora across languages and for forced alignment across languages. His main research interests are computational phonetics, speech perception and corpus linguistics. In his free time, he enjoys long distance running, hiking and playing card, board and video games.