McLing is pleased to introduce you to this year’s new cohort of incoming graduate students! In alphabetical order…

Laurestine Bradford is interested in computational methods for exploring semantics, typology, sociolinguistics, and relationships between language and mathematics. She did her BSc in Mathematics and Philosophy and her MA in Linguistics both at the University of Toronto. She also really likes to dance and crochet.

Claire Henderson is interested in language variation and change, especially the diffusion of phonetic and lexical features around the Canada-U.S. border. She’s from Niagara Falls, Ontario and completed her B.A. in Linguistics at McGill. Outside of linguistics, Claire enjoys painting, plants, and pigeons.

Bernardas Jurevicius has worked on ellipsis phenomena in Lithuanian as well as computational perspectives on the syntax-semantics interface and has a keen interest in fieldwork. He has completed his undergraduate in English Language and Literature at the University of Edinburgh, and his Master’s in Linguistics at University Leipzig. Outside of linguistics, he has an interest in contemporary philosophy and Olympic weightlifting.

Guarav Kamath is interested in semantics, syntax, and pragmatics, as well as expressive and foul language more broadly. He completed a B.A. in Philosophy from Ashoka University, and hopes to also gain exposure to computational linguistics. Outside of academics, Gaurav likes to read fiction, listen to and play music, and work on his Sanskrit.

Massimo Lipari was born and raised in Montreal, and recently completed his B. A. in linguistics and philosophy at McGill. His main interests lie in syntax—especially at the interfaces with sematics and prosody—as well as with just about anything relating to Quebec French.

Katya Morgunova has a B.A. and an M.A. degree in Linguistics from Moscow State University. Her main interests are syntax and syntax-semantic interface. She has previously done a lot of fieldwork and also has some experience in experimental and computational linguistics. In her free time, she enjoys watching films, cycling, and swimming laps in a pool.

David Shanks focuses on semantics, phonology and Na-Dene languages. He finished his BA this year at McGill and grew up in Glasgow, Scotland. David also enjoys baking, knitting and spending time with his cat, Tommy.