McLing is very happy to welcome Martina Martinović to the McGill Linguistics Department! Martina will be around this fall as a postdoctoral researcher, and then officially joins the faculty in January.

Martina is a fieldworker, primarily interested in cross-linguistic variation in morphosyntax. So far she has mostly worked on Niger-Congo languages, especially Wolof. She does most of her fieldwork in the northern part of Senegal, in the town of Ndar (St-Louis) and the village of Ndombo. Some topics she has worked on include cartographic and non-cartographic effects, wh-movement and agreement, extraction asymmetries, copular clauses, the syntax and semantics of information structure. She is especially interested in how syntactic and morphological (post-syntactic) operations are ordered and how they interact with each other. When she is not working, you will probably find her knitting.

Welcome Martina!