Please join us for two events to kick off the year: FestEval and the annual departmental Welcome (Back) Lunch. Both events will take place in the Department building (1085 Dr. Penfield) on Friday, August 28 2015.
Welcome (back) Lunch: 12.30-2, Department Lounge (Room 212)

FestEval (Friday, August 28, 2pm-5.05pm, Room 002)
2.00 Liz Smeets: Against the adverbial analysis of focus association
2.25 Jiajia Su: The syntactic structure of Chinese Classifiers
2.50  Dan Goodhue: Epistemic must is not evidential, it’s epistemic
3.15  Henrison Hsieh: An additional inference for actuality entailments
3.40.-3.50 Break
3.50 Hye-Young Bang: The lexical and contextual path of tonogenesis: Evidence from Seoul Korean
4.15 Gui Garcia: Extrametricality and Second Language Acquisition
4.40-5.05  Donghyun Kim: A longitudinal study of individual differences in the acquisition of novel vowel contrasts
Hope to see you all there!