This week’s syntax-semantics meeting will take place on Friday, March 24th at 12pm in room 117. Will is going to discuss research that he is presenting at WCCFL, “Culmination entailments in V and P: Evidence from White Hmong”.

Abstract: Recent analyses of (non-)culmination in two distinct domains, Accomplishment verbs and Goal PPs, have arrived at a similar intuition: that the denotation of the event/path predicate includes both total and partial events/paths, which are unified by a modal relationship to a particular goal (see Martin et al., 2021; Nadathur & Filip, 2021). I present novel data from White Hmong, in which both Accomplishment and Goal predicates are non-culminating by default. Both types of predicate employ the same primary strategy for deriving culmination entailments: secondary predication. This supports a unified analysis of culmination across V and P domains.