The upcoming meetings of the Syntax-Phonology research group will focus on work related to the upcoming  upcoming Exploring the Interfaces: Word Structure workshop, to take place at McGill May 6–8. This week we will begin with a rescheduled presentation from last week, and continue with work by Tom Leu. Please note the earlier start time.
Heather Newell will present: (i) Tobias Scheer‘s Chunk definition in phonology: prosodic constituency vs. phase structure [PDF from his website], and (ii) Zeljko Boskovic (2007) On the Locality and Motivation of Move and Agree: An Even More Minimal Theory (LI 38.4:589 – 644)
Tom Leu will present his own work: “The indefinite article – Indefinite? – Article?” (on Lingbuzz)
When: Thursday April 19th, 9:30–11:30
Where: Linguistics 117