The 20th International Conference on Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS 2023) will be held in Prague, Czech Republic, from August 7th – 13th. The research that will be presented by McGill Linguists includes:

  • Xuanda Chen: L1 Effects on Naive Perception and Production of by Mandarin and Italian Speakers
  • Claire Honda: Individual Differences In Non-native Phonetic Perception: Potential Links To Native Perception, Attention, & Memory
  • Massimo Lipari: The Emergence of Rhotic Vowels in Quebec French: a Change From Below?
  • Cheman Sangma: What Makes a Geminate? An Acoustic Study of Consonants in Garo
  • Connie Ting: Tracking Speaker-Specific Speech Rate: Habitual vs. Local Influences on English Stop Voicing
  • Alex Zhai: Individual Variability in L1 Category Compactness on L2 Production Compactness and Accuracy
  • Morgan Sonderegger will be giving a talk titled “How variable are English sibilants?”