A new paper co-authored by Morgan Sonderegger has appeared.  Congratulations!

Sonderegger, Morgan and Joseph Keshet. “Automatic discriminative measurement of voice onset time using discriminative structured prediction.” Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 132.6 (2012): 3965–3979.


A discriminative large-margin algorithm for automatic measurement of voice onset time (VOT) is described, considered as a case of predicting structured output from speech. Manually labeled data are used to train a function that takes as input a speech segment of an arbitrary length containing a voiceless stop, and outputs its VOT. The function is explicitly trained to minimize the difference between predicted and manually measured VOT; it operates on a set of acoustic feature functions designed based on spectral and temporal cues used by human VOT annotators. The algorithm is applied to initial voiceless stops from four corpora, representing different types of speech. Using several evaluation methods, the algorithm’s performance is near human intertranscriber reliability, and compares favorably with previous work. Furthermore, the algorithm’s performance is minimally affected by training and testing on different corpora, and remains essentially constant as the amount of training data is reduced to 50–250 manually labeled examples, demonstrating the method’s practical applicability to new datasets.