This term, the research group on the structure of words at the interfaces will be meeting at UQAM, on Tuesdays 2:15-4 PM in DS-3459. The reading and research group investigates phenomena at the syntax/morphology-phonology and -semantics interfaces. (Please see here for past and future meetings.) All are welcome!

Please let Máire Noonan know if you would like to be added to the email list announcing the weekly meetings. Below is the tentative line-up for the next few weeks.

Upcoming schedule (tentative): 

September 16

Lisa Travis. Overview of Distributed Morphology.  Reading : Embick, D. and Noyer R. ‘Distributed Morphology and the Syntax/Morphology Interface.’ 2007. In G. Ramchand and C. Reiss eds., The Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Interfaces, OUP.   (

September 23

Máire Noonan. Roots, part I.  Reading : Harley, H. 2013. On the identity of roots. To appear inTheoretical Linguistics. Available at lingbuzz/001527 .

September 30

Oriana Kilbourn-Ceron. Allomorphy – domains/locality.  Reading : Merchant, J. 2014. ‘How much context is enough? Two cases of span-conditioned stem allomorphy. To appear in Linguistic Inquiry.’  (

October 7

Heather Newell. Roots part II (and little n; gender and number).  Reading : Lowenstamm, J. ‘Onlittle n, √, and types of nouns.’ (

October 14

Tom Leu. Roots part III. Reading : Arad, M. 2003. ‘Locality constraints on the interpretation of roots: The case of Hebrew denominal verbs’  Natural Language & Linguistic Theory 21:737–778.

Upcoming topics after these dates :

– Level 1–Level 2 phonology  (TBA)

– Discussion of T. A. Hall : The phonological word – a review  (TBA)

– Prefixes vs. suffixes  (Reading: Bobaljik, J. & Wurmbrand, S. 2001. Seven prefix-suffix asymmetries in Itelmen. CLS Proceedings)

– Clitics vs. Agreement affixes  (TBA)

– How much phonology is there in syntax, if any?  (Tom & Heather; Handout by R. Kayne)