MULL-lab will be meeting this Tuesday, February 14th at 3:00 pm. Meetings take place in Rm. 002 of the McGill Linguistics department, with a Zoom room open for those unable to join in person. 

This week, Jasper will be presenting a talk entitled:The Left Periphery of Igbo Interrogatives’. The abstract is below.

Igbo (Niger-Congo; Nigeria) has a rich variety of wh-interrogatives which have long been a subject of interest (Goldsmith, 1981; Uwalaka, 1991; a.o.). A recent analysis of a subset of these strategies proposes a structure which follows a cartographic approach to the left periphery (Amaechi, 2020). In this talk, I will present new data from varieties of Igbo which differ from that which is reported in the previous work. Looking at the interaction of a tonal interrogative morpheme and A’-movement, I will argue that the aforementioned approach to the left periphery misses important generalizations, specifically with regards to a subject-licensing asymmetry.

Please register in advance HERE to receive the Zoom link. You can also share this link with others who may want to join.