MULL Lab will meet in its regular time this coming week — Oct. 18 at 3:30PM in room 002. Additionally, we will be having an in-person meetup after at 4:30PM at Thomson House, on rue McTavish. All are welcome!
For the talk, Bernardas Jurevičius will be presenting on ‘How to read because-clauses in Lithuanian’.
abstract: Because-clauses in English can possess one of two readings: they can either describe the cause of an action, or the effect of an action. I present preliminary data from Lithuanian (Baltic), which possesses a unique construction known as the impersonal evidential. While Lithuanian finite clauses can allow for either causal or effectual readings of because-clauses, the impersonal evidential construction only allows for causal readings. I argue that this effect is predicted by what I term the covert verb hypothesis – a theory developed from Rutherford (1970) which claims that the two readings of because-clauses are the result of differences in underlying structure.