MULL-lab will be meeting this Tuesday, January 31st at 3:00 pm. Meetings take place in Rm. 002 of the McGill Linguistics department, with a Zoom room open for those unable to join in person. 

This week, Willie will be presenting a talk entitled:’Exclamatives in Kirundi’. 

The abstract is below. 

In many languages, exclamatives are marked by the presence of wh-words or inversion — for example, ‘How fast John runs!’. In Kirundi (Bantu), however, exclamatives lack both of these elements. In fact, they possess the same words as their declarative counterparts. However, unlike declaratives, they possess embedded clause tone. In this talk, I present initial data to support an analysis of Kirundi exclamatives as instances of high CPs, akin to Portner and Zanuttini’s claim of an exclamative E morpheme in the left periphery, that can sometimes be insubordinated.

Please register in advance HERE to receive the Zoom link. You can also share this link with others who may want to join.