MULL-lab will be meeting this Wednesday, March 9th at 4pm. 

Yoann will be presenting his talk Some observations on the morphosyntax of Inuktitut demonstratives . Abstract is attached below:

Abstract: This talk presents a morphosyntactic overview of demonstratives in Nunavimmiutitut, a dialect of Eastern Canadian Inuktitut spoken in Nunavik, focusing on ongoing work with a consultant and data presented in Beach (2011). First, I present a quick overview of the internal structure of Inuktitut demonstratives. Second, I discuss a few distributional facts and cooccurrence restrictions: ability to bear affixal attributive adjectives, cliticization on nouns and verbs, etc. Third, the incorporation of demonstratives is put in relation to that of other nominals. Finally, I consider the implications of these facts for the categorial status of Inuktitut demonstratives.