The MULL-lab will be on Wednesday, January 26th at 4pm. Will Johnston will be presenting ‘Disposal’ constructions in Hmong. Please see the abstract below.


In this talk, I present three interrelated puzzles involving so-called ‘Disposal’ serial verb constructions (SVCs) in Hmong. These involve the use of two or more transitive verbs (with shared subject and object arguments) to jointly describe a single event, as in (1). The first puzzle is the word order of Disposal SVCs, which in contrast to other Hmong SVCs (i) is flexible, and (ii) takes into account semantic/temporal information. The second relates to a type of object shift unique to Disposal constructions (and unattested in the literature). The third is the unique behavior of examples involving a particular verb, muab `to take’, which suggests they require a separate treatment.


  1. nws        tsa                          cov taws                           txhoov pov        cia
  2. 3SG        stand.up              CLF.PL firewood                 cut          throw    set.aside

‘He stood up the wood, chopped it, and threw it aside (into storage).’


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