McGill Linguistics hosted the 2024 [motʰ] Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto-Hamilton Phonology/Phonetics Workshop on Apr. 19-20th. The program of the workshop can be found at the conference website:

McGill linguists gave the following talks on past and current projects:

  • Irene Smith, Morgan Sonderegger: Cross-dialectal variation in prenasal allophony
  • Jeanne Brown, Morgan Sonderegger: Creaky voice in Canadian English-French bilinguals: An acoustic study across language, gender and age
  • Simon LiVolsi: Consonant-glide onsets do not exist in Kanien’kéha
  • Wei Zhang: Exploring the link between perception and imitation of Mandarin flat-falling contrast at individual level
  • Massimo Lipari, Morgan Sonderegger, Meghan Clayards: Spectral dynamics of Quebec French sibilants
  • Connie Ting, Yoonjung Kang: Effects of speaker-specific speech rate on English stop voicing perception: local vs habitual influences
  • Yaisha Stilwell, Alex Zhai, Claire Honda: Speech and musical context effects in perception
Connie Ting
Wei Zhang
Massimo Lipari
Group photo at [motʰ] 2024