McLing reporters send photographic evidence of a good time had by all at this year’s NELS 45, hosted by MIT. McGill and Montreal-based linguists of past and present are pictured below.

Dan Goodhue, Michael Wagner, Aron Hirsch (BA ’12), Keir Moulton (Post-doc ’09-’11), Nino Grillo (faculty ’07-’08), Brian Buccola, Mike Hamilton, Bronwyn Bjorkman (BA ’06), Henrison Hsieh
Gretchen McCulloch (MA ’13), Brian Buccola, Erin Olsen (BA ’12), Hadas Kotek, Mike Hamilton, Henrison Hsieh, mitcho Erlewine, Mojgan Sarabi (Concordia)

McLing is also pleased to announce that next year’s NELS 46 will be hosted by Concordia University.