The McGill Mi’gmaq group returned to the Listuguj First Nation community May 22nd, where they will spent a few days working with community members and language teachers to kick off the summer project of developing online language learning material. This summer the team will be led by Conor Quinn, who completed his PhD at Harvard on Penobscot, an Algonquian language of Maine.

Travelers include graduate students Mike Hamilton and Gretchen McCulloch, undergraduates Jacob Leon, Carol Little, Yuliya Manyakina, Erin Olson, and Elise McClay, joined by Alan Bale, Jessica Coon, and Janine Metallic.

While most of the group returned to Montreal Friday, a few members stayed behind and will spend extended periods of time in Listuguj this summer. Gretchen McCulloch will remain in the community for a few weeks before she heads to the CoLang Institute on Collaborative Language Research in Lawrence, Kansas. Elise McClay will spend much of her summer living in the community, interrupted by a trip to Ireland in July. Carol Little will head to Listuguj in early July, where she will participate in the Mi’gmaq language classes for post-secondary students in the community.

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