At next week’s MCQLL lab meeting, Jacob will present on Non-projectivity and mild–context sensitivity. He will be presenting on Marco Kuhlmann’s 2010 book “Dependency Structures and Lexicalized Grammars”.  Word-to-word dependencies have a history in descriptive linstuistics, based on the intuition that the structure of a sentence can be captured by the relationships between the words.  Dependency structures can be sorted into different classes depending on the amount and form of crossing dependencies that are allowed.  Examining classes of non-projective dependency structures and how they relate to grammar formalisms (starting with projective dependency structures = lexicalized context-free grammars), as well as dependency corpora is a way to investigate what kind of limited context-sensitivity should be used to best deal with the long distance dependencies and free word order in natural languages.

We will meet Wednesday 2/6 5:30pm in room 117.