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PhD student Clint Parker will travel to Tajikistan in June to spend two months learning the Tajiki language, a dialect of Persian.  He will stay with a host family in the capital, Dushanbe.  In addition to looking at definiteness in Tajiki, he will use the language to conduct fieldwork on the endangered Pamir languages, also spoken in Tajikistan. Clint received funding from McGill’s Graduate Mobility Award for his trip.

This summer, graduating BA Honours student Sarah Mihuc will be traveling to Guatemala for the University of Maryland summer field school on Mayan languages, going to Yale for a grammar-writing bootcamp on Nyungar, and working for Morgan Sonderegger. In the fall she will be moving to Calgary to work in computer science, with plans to apply to graduate school after 2 years.

Vincent Rouillard is graduating from the BA Honours Linguistics program. He will spend the summer working at the McGill Language and Multilingualism Laboratory, where he is currently researching the effects of bilingualism on the use of sarcasm. By the end of the summer, he will be moving to Boston to begin his PhD in Linguistics at MIT.