The 2024 annual meeting of the Workshop on Structure and Constituency of Languages of the Americas (WSCLA) took place this past weekend at the University of Toronto, and McGill linguists were well represented.

Presentations and posters by current McGill affiliates included:

  • Chase Boles – “Sneaking in Themes: Incorporation and nPs in Kanien’kéha”
  • Laurestine Bradford – “A source of conativity in Tlingit pluractional verbs”
  • Kanontienéntha’ Brass – “Speaker Variation for Transitive Pronominal Prefixes in Kanien’kéha Kinship Terms”
  • James Crippen, Simone Brown, Omar Lahlou, Ella Paulin, & Amanda Cardoso – “Where does the Gamma Go? Acoustics and Consequences of a Rare Sound Type in Tlingit”
  • James Crippen and Jessica Coon – “Linguistics for Indigenous language study: A course in development”
  • Terrance Gatchalian – “Optional tenses in Kanien’kéha”
  • Austin Kraft and Wishe Mittelstaedt – “Design tools and data sovereignty in developing tools for Kanien’kéha language learning”
  • Katya Morgunova – “Bipartite negation in Kanien’kéha”
Tehahswathè:tha Jacob Doreen (McGill BEd Faculty Lecturer); Tsowén:te Cross (KORLCC–McGill research partnership coordinator); Jessica Coon; Richard Compton (Post-doc ’13–’14); Wishe Mittelstaedt (McGill Indigenous Studies Course Lecturer); Karin Michelson (McGill BA ’75); Akwiratékha’ Martin (McGill Roti’nikonhrowánens); Martin Renard (Graduate Research Trainee); Chase Boles; Katya Morgunova; James Crippen; Laurestine Bradford; Justin Royer (PhD ’22); Terrance Gatchalian; Austin Kraft