The 33rd meeting of Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT 33) was hosted by the Linguistics Department at Yale University on May 12 – 14, 2023. The conference program featured a number of presentations by current and former McGill affiliates:

  • Dan Goodhue (PhD 2018): “Simplifying the evidential condition on asking polar questions”
  • Alexander Göbel (postdoc 2020-22) & Eszter Ronai: “On the meaning of intonational contours: a view from scalar inference”
  • Luis Alonso-Ovalle & Aron Hirsch (postdoc2017-19): “Weakening is external to only
  • Mathieu Paillé (PhD 2022): “Trivalent Exh and the Exclusion theory of summative predicates”
  • Luis Alonso-Ovalle & Bernhard Schwarz: “Structural ambiguity in pseudo-partitives: the case of quantity nouns”