Several current and former McGillians presented posters at Phonology 2013 at UMass Amherst this past weekend.

  • Brian Buccola & Morgan Sonderegger: On the expressivity of Optimality Theory versus rules: An application to opaque patterns.
  • Emily Elfner: Prosodic boundary strength in verb-initial structures: Evidence from English and Irish.
  • Heather Goad & Akiko Shimada: In some languages, /s/ is a vowel.

In addition to these current McGill affiliates, a number of former McGill linguists presented as well:

  • Aron Hirsch (MIT, McGill BA ’12): Is the domain for weight computation the syllable or the interval?
  • Sara Mackenzie (MUN, Post-doc 2010–12): Consonant harmony in Nilotic: Contrastive specifications and Stratal OT.
  • Tara McAllister Byun, Sharon Inkelas & Yvan Rose (MUN, PhD ’00): Explaining child-specific phonology with a grammar of articulatory reliability: The A-map model.

The full program can be found here: