Several former and current McGillians presented their research at NAPhCxii 2023 at Concordia University May 12-14. Presentations included:

  • Jeff Lamontagne (PhD 2020): Returning to our feature (re)presentation: Marginal contrasts and conflicting evidence for phonological status
  • Avleen Mokha (BA 2020) & Heather Goad: Why syllables need structure: Evidence from Hindi
  • Heather Newell (PhD 2009) & Shanti Ulfsbjorninn: A specific fucking pattern: The precise nature of stress-pivot infixation
  • Michael Wagner: Predictability
  • Hironori Katsuda, Gemma Repiso-Puigdelliura & Kie Zuraw (BA 1994):  Phonological process application in code-mixed utterances