McLing is happy to announce that three McGill linguists and alumni were honoured with annual awards from the Linguistics Society of America.

  • Jessica Coon received the C.L. Baker Award, which recognizes “excellence in research in the area of syntactic theory on the part of a scholar who is at the mid-point of a distinguished career”
  • Laura Kalin (Princeton University; McGill BA alumna ’09) received the Early Career Award, which “recognizes scholars early in their career who have made outstanding contributions to the field of linguistics”
  • Silvia Montrul (U Illinois Urbana-Champaign; McGill PhD ’98) received the Leonard Bloomfield Book Award for her book Native Speakers Interrupted. This award “recognizes a volume that makes an outstanding contribution of enduring value to our understanding of language and linguistics”

You can read more about these and other awards on the LSA website: Congratulations all!