McGill linguists presented work at this year’s meeting of the Canadian Linguistics Association (CLA), held at York University May 31–June 3rd as part of the larger meeting of the annual Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Presentations by current McGill affiliates included:

  • Claire Henderson – Maintenance of Canadian English near the American border
  • Massimo Lipari – Formant trajectories of three rhotic vowels in Quebec French
  • Katya Morgunova – Two strategies of complement clause attachment in Kirundi and Kinyarwanda
  • David Shanks – Decoding the full-reduced vowel distinction in Southern Tutchone (Dene)
Richard Compton (post-doc ’13–’14); Lisa Travis, Katya Morgunova, David Shanks, Ileana Paul (PhD ’00), Massimo Lipari, Jeff LaMontagne (PhD ’20), Claire Henderson, Liz Smeets (PhD ’19)