McLing is belatedly reporting that McGill linguists of present and past gave a number of talks and posters at the 19th International Conference of Phonetic Sciences, held in August 2019 in Melbourne––better late than never!

  • Yeong Woo Park; Francisco Torreira; Heather Goad : “Interaction between lexical tone and intonation in Kinshasa Lingala”
  • James Tanner, Morgan Sonderegger, Jane Stuart-Smith: “Structured speaker variability in spontaneous Japanese stop contrast production”
  • Jeff Mielke; Erik R. Thomas; Josef Fruehwald; Michael McAuliffe; Morgan Sonderegger; Jane Stuart-Smith; Robin Dodsworth:  “Age vectors vs. axes of intraspeaker variation in vowel formants measured automatically from several English speech corpora”
  • Jane Stuart-Smith; Morgan Sonderegger; Rachel Macdonald; Jeff Mielke; Michael McAuliffe; Erik Thomas : “Large-scale acoustic analysis of dialectal and social factors in English /s/-retraction”
  • Michael McAuliffeArlie Coles (BA 2018); Michael Goodale (BA 2019); Sarah Mihuc (BA 2017); Michael Wagner; Jane Stuart-Smith; Morgan Sonderegger : “ISCAN: a system for integrated phonetic analyses across speech corpora”