Here is Part 2 of the McLing summer news round-up…

BA student Hannah Cohen was a Speech Science Intern at Nuance Communications, Inc. in their Montreal office. There, she worked on iOS application development and tool creation for voice biometric systems analysis. Hannah also acted as Ambassador and Event Director for WearHacks Montreal 2015 (to take place October 2-4, 2015).

Recent BA graduate Symon Stevens-Guille also attended the LSA Institute 2015 at UChicago. He took courses in psycholinguistics, computational minimalism, learnability theory, and categorial grammar and is beginning his MA in Linguistics at University of Toronto this fall.

BA students Alexina Hicks and Victoria Rahardjo worked under recent postdoc Lauren Clemens‘ guidance on Indonesian data this summer. Victoria collected data from multiple Indonesian speakers and Alexina used the McGill ProsodyLab aligner to transcribe text to sound files. There is now a large bank of data that can be used to analyze phonetic/phonological aspects of the language.

Alexina also worked 6 months as lab coordinator at the Infant Speech Perception Lab for Dr. Polka. She learned many things,  including how to test young babies and afterwards code the data. Here’s a McGill article describing the project.

Claudia Poschmann (Goethe University Frankfurt) and Michael Wagner‘s paper, “Relative Clause Extraposition and Prosody in German” was accepted for NLLT and Michael’s review on information structure and production planning planning is now in press, to appear in The Handbook of Information Structure, published by Oxford University Press.