McGill linguists were involved in a group presentation at the 2023 International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation (ICLDC), which took place virtually this past week, hosted by the University of Hawa’i at Mānoa.

The presentation was titled “Linguistic elicitation for advanced learners: A community–university partnership” and focused on the content and outcomes of the May 2022 “Linguistic elicitation for language revitalization course”, offered in partnership with Ionkwahronkha’onhátie’ (“We are becoming fluent”), a grassroots group of advanced Kanien’kéha learners (see here). The co-presenter line-up was: Karonhiióstha Shea Sky, Jasmine Jimerson, Mary McDonald, Tahohtharátye Joe Brant, Ryan DeCaire, Luis Alonso-Ovalle, Meghan Clayards, Dzéiwsh James Crippen, and Jessica Coon.