McGill will be well-represented at the 45th Algonquian Conference, to take place this weekend at the University of Ottawa. The full conference program can be found here.

  • Michael David Hamilton (PhD) – An account of verbal person suffixes
  • Michael David Hamilton (PhD) & Brandon Fry (Ottawa) – Long distance agreement in Mi’gmaq and Ojibwe: Towards a comparative study
  • Carol Little  (BA ’12) – Evidentiality in Mi’gmaq
  • Yuliya Manyakina (PhD) – The role of -ew in Mi’gmaq
  • Gretchen McCulloch (MA) – Mi’gmaq -asi as a middle voice marker
  • Kevin Russell (recent visitor) & Tanya Slavin (post-doc) – The prosody and syntax of the Plains Cree verbal complex
  • Tanya Slavin (post-doc) – Possessive noun incorporation and the left-edge requirement in Oji-Cree