Several current and former McGillians presented at New Sounds at Concordia this past weekend: Walcir Cardoso, Guilherme Garcia, Heather Goad, Dan Goodhue, Hyekyung Hwang, Takako Kawasaki, Moti Lieberman, John Matthews, Jeffrey Steele, and Lydia White were involved in the presentations below:

  • Guilherme Garcia – How can differences in syllabic structure and stress patterns help predict accuracy levels: The acquisition of derived words in English by Brazilian Portuguese speakers
  • John Matthews & Takako Kawasaki – Decay or not decay: The loss of fine-grained perceptual sensitivity in the course of speech processing
  • Laura Colantoni, Olivia Marasco, Jeffrey Steele, and Simona Sunara – Acquiring prosodic prominence in L2 French and Spanish
  • Moti Lieberman – The moderation of L2 morphological comprehension by transferred prosodic structures
  • Paul John & Walcir Cardoso – On the prosodic representation of word-final stops in the interlanguage of BrazilianPortuguese EFL learners
  • Heather Goad, Dan Goodhue, Hyekyung Hwang, Moti Lieberman & Lydia White – The availability of prosodic cues in resolving L2 attachment ambiguities