McGill linguists of past and present gave talks at New Sounds 2022 10th International Symposium on the Acquisition of Second Language Speech, which took place April 20th–22nd at the University of Barcelona. Talks included:
  • Heather Goad: The role of similarity in feature redeployment.
  • Guilherme D Garcia (PhD 2017) & Chao Zhou: L1 Mandarin prosody helps acquiring L3 Portuguese stress
  • Öner Özçelik (PhD 2012): Effects of surface similarity vs. phonological/linguistic similarity in the L2 acquisition of stress
  • Amina Affes, Adel Jebali & Walcir Cardoso (PhD 2003): Effects of age and language exposure on the acquisition of French pronunciation across different task types
  • Laura Colantoni, Alexei Kochetov & Jeffrey Steele (PhD 2002): Articulatory Insights into the L2 acquisition of English /l/ allophony