McGill linguists of past and present were in Göttingen, Germany for the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Northeast Linguistics Society (NELS 53), held January 12–14.

top-to-bottom: Matthieu Paillé (PhD ’22), Aron Hirsch (BA ’11; Post-doc ’17–’19); Jessica Coon; Carol-Rose Little (BA ’12; Post-doc ’20–’21); Michael Hamilton (PhD ’15); Jonathan Palucci; Lydia Felice (BA ’17); Irene Smith; Bronwyn Bjorkman (BA ’06)

Presentations by current McGillians included:

  • The ι type-shifter in headless relative clauses: Implications from Mayan – Carol Rose Little, Scott AnderBois & Jessica Coon
  • Predication, Specification, and Equation in Ch’ol – Jessica Coon & Martina Martinović
  • Modal ingredients of causative have – Jonathan Palucci
  • Type disambiguation and logical strength – Aron Hirsch & Bernhard Schwarz