The 2023 [motʰ] Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto-Hamilton Phonology/Phonetics Workshop took place last week on March 24-26 at McMaster University. The program and abstracts of the workshop can be found here:

McGill linguists gave the following talks on past and current projects:

  • Alex Zhai: Individual Variability in L1 Category Compactness and Coarticulatory Influences in L2 Production Compactness and Accuracy
  • Xuanda Chen: Evaluating similarity between native and novel speech sounds using discrimination and imitation
  • Claire Honda: Exploring Potential Predictors of Individual Differences in Non-Native Phonetic Perception
  • Massimo Lipari: A portrait of rhotic vowels in Quebec French
  • Irene Smith: Cross-dialectal distribution of PIN-PEN merger in English
  • David Shanks: Vowel length in Southern Tutchone (Dene): Evidence from nasalization and rhotacization
  • Connie Ting: Tracking speaker-specific speech rate: habitual vs local influences on English stop voicing perception
  • Wentao Gu: Mandarin Tone Production in the Patients with Parkinson’s Disease
  • Wentao Gu: Which is the Primary Cue for the Falling Tone of Mandarin: F0 Range or F0 Slope?
  • Amanda Doucette: Morphological Irregularity and Phonotactic Complexity
Left to right: Xuanda Chen; David Shanks; Claire Honda; Connie Ting; Alex Zhai; Irene Smith; Massimo Lipari; Meghan Clayards; Amanda Doucette
Amanda presenting their work on morphological irregularity and phonotactic complexity
Irene presenting her work on the PIN-PEN merger