LabPhon 18 was held virtually June 22-25.  There were several presentations by department members:
  • Gwen Brekelmans, Nadine Lavan, Haruka Saito, Meghan Clayards and Elizabeth Wonnacott — “Is there a multi-talker advantage for learning non-native phoneme
    contrasts?” (poster)
  • Amanda Doucette, Timothy O’Donnell and Morgan Sonderegger — “Identity, similarity, and the OCP: A model of co-occurrence in 107 languages”
  • Esmail Moghiseh and Michael Wagner — “Two-dimensional parsing and the iambic-trochaic law in actual words” (poster)
  • Jane Stuart-Smith, Irene SmithMorgan Sonderegger, & Spade Consortium — “Sound change is drawn from pools of synchronic variation”
  • Connie Ting, Meghan Clayards, and Morgan Sonderegger — “Investigating universality of consonant intrinsic F0 effects”
  • Wei ZhangMeghan Clayards, and Francisco Torreira — “Cue primacy effects in Mandarin tone imitation” (poster)
The full program can be found here.