LabPhon 17 was virtually held in Vancouver, July 6-8. There were several presentations by current and recent McGillians:

  • Heather Goad (invited speaker) – Marginal phonological structure: Prosodic constituency that you cannot ‘hear’ in Québec French
  • Jane Stuart-Smith, Morgan Sonderegger, Jeff Mielke, James Tanner, Vanna Willerton – The SPADE Consortium (talk) Desperately seeking English sibilants: Discovering dialect norms and speaker variability for /s ʃ/ from large-scale multi-dialect analysis
  • Meghan Clayards, Claire Suh and Ross Otto (poster) – Individual differences in top-down lexical processing linked to cognitive inhibition
  • Heather Goad and Natália Brambatti Guzzo (poster)– Prosodic structure affects processing: The case of English past inflection (poster)
  • Michael Wagner, Josiane Lachapelle and Oriana Kilbourn-Ceron (poster) – Liaison and the locality of production planning

The full program can be found here: