McGill linguists presented work at the Canadian Acoustical Association’s Acoustics Week in Canada, held in Montreal Oct 3-6. Presentations included:

  • Connie Ting & Meghan Clayards: Perceptual compensation of intrinsic F0 effects in English monolingual speakers
  • Irene Smith & Morgan Sonderegger: Prenasal coarticulation and allophonic merger of /ɪ/ and /ɛ/ across dialects of English
  • Jeanne Brown: Creaky voice in Canadian English: An acoustics-focused method
  • Massimo Lipari: The acoustics of borrowed /ɚ/ in Quebec French
  • Cheman Baira A’gitok: The Glottal Stop in Garo
Left to right: Cheman Baira A’gitok; Jeanne Brown; Massimo Lipari; Irene Smith; Connie Ting