On November 11-12 McGill hosted the second edition of “Malagasy in Montreal,” a workshop for research on Malagasy and other Austronesian languages. McGillians Lisa Travis, Zlata Odribets, Luané Lennox, Austin Kraft, and Ileana Paul (PhD 2000) presented their projects.

  • Austin Kraft: “Characterizing <en> infixation in Simpakng”
  • Luané Lennox (with Victoria Chen and Eric Potsdam): “Voice mismatch under clausal ellipsis”
  • Zlata Odribets: “Towards a syntactic view of voice: Evidence from Ilocano”
  • Ileana Paul and Lisa Travis (joint work with Vanilla Diane Dimisy, Baholisoa Simone Ralalaoherivony, and Jeannot Fils Ranaivoson): “Here goes an analysis of Malagasy preventatives”
From left to right: Vanilla Diane Dimisy, Lisa Travis, Matt Pearson, Shuki Otani, Luané Lennox, Eric Potsdam, Zlata Odribets, Ileana Paul, Austin Kraft