We are pleased to announce that the linguistics department has received 3 ARIA internships to support undergraduate research projects over the summer: “The purpose of the Arts Undergraduate Research Internship Award (ARIA) is to support undergraduate students who undertake research during the summer under the direct supervision of a faculty member.” You can learn more about the program on the ARIA webpage.

Erica Yoon (Cognitive Science honours) will work with Junko Shimoyama, on a research topic that examines, both experimentally and theoretically, the nature of scopal interactions between negation and quantificational DPs in Korean. Part of the internship will take place in Seoul, Korea, where Erica will run an experiment with adult native speakers of Korean.

Kalyna Franko (Linguistics & Psychology major) will work in the neurolinguistics lab on a project that examines the behavioral and neural reflections of the processing of different quantifier types. Together with Galit Agmon, Isabelle Deschamps and Yosef Grodzinsky, Kalyna will be working on the design, implementation and analysis of a Reaction Time experiment, as well as a functional MR imaging study, of positive and negative degree and proportion quantifiers such as many, few, more-than-half and less-than-half.

Madeleine Revill (Linguistics honours) will experimentally examine the acquisition of Spanish plural by native speakers of English, under the supervision of Heather Goad. The topic will be examined from the perspective of the Prosodic Transfer Hypothesis which states that difficulties that learners have with the production of functional morphology stem from constraints on prosody that are transferred from the native language grammar.

Congratulations all!