On January 26th, undergraduate recipients of Arts Research Internship Awards (ARIA) will present the results of their summer linguistics research projects. Four linguistics students will be presenting their work, listed below. More information and details for how to attend can be found on the ARIA website: https://www.mcgill.ca/arts-internships/events-0/annual-undergraduate-research-event

  • “The Status of Mid-Level Nuclear Accents in English” – Sijia Zhang (supervised by Francisco Torreira)
  • “The syntax and semantics of counting numerals: the comparison of Mandarin Chinese and Latin counting numerals” – Yingrui He (supervised by Gillon Brendan)
  • “A Computational Model of Phonotactics” – Scarlett Xu (supervised by Timothy O’donnell)
  • “Grammatical Criteria in Malagasy External Possession” – Tallis Clark (supervised by Jessica Coon)

Congratulations all!