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Who: Douglas Gordon
When: Tuesday April 26th 1:00-2:00
Where: Ling 117
What: Animate-inanimate coordination in Mi’gmaq: consequences for conjunction reduction

There are two possible analyses of DP coordination: that apparent DP coordination is underlyingly TP coordination and material has been elided or simply that two DPs are coordinated. Conjunction reduction (CR) is the ellipsis of a repeated subject and verb in all but one of a set of conjuncts and can be used to derive DP coordination from underlying TP coordination.
I argue that CR is only an available mechanism in Mi’gmaq when plain DP coordination is not possible. I discuss this issue in reference to like- and mixed-animacy coordination, since transitive verbs must agree with the animacy of their internal argument. I show that in cases where the conjuncts match in animacy, CR would fail to derive grammatical agreement on the verb. I also show, however, that CR may be an available mechanism in cases where animacy of the conjuncts does not match.