This was a busy weekend of conferences for McGill students. First year student Gretchen McCulloch traveled to Oklahoma to present her work on indefinites in Mi’gmaq at the Oklahomah Workshop on Native American Languages (OWNAL). This workshop is  part of the 40th Symposium on the American Indian.

Sasha Simonenko traveled to Santa Cruz to present at the 30th meeting of the West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics (WCCFL). Her talk is based on her first Evals paper and is titled “Clitic-hood as a Phonological Correlate of Phase-head Status: Evidence from the Germanic DP“.

Last but not least, local linguistics undergraduates Thea Knowles, Carol Little, and Yuliya Manyakina presented this weekend at Harvard’s Undergraduate Linguistics Colloquium. Carol and Thea presented collaborative dialectology work titled “Didja know? A comparative study of affrication across word boundaries in Canadian and American English”. Yuliya, a Concordia student who has been involved in the McGill Mi’gmaq project, prestented “Obviation and Number Marking in Mi’gmaq”.