Ed Keenan (UCLA) will be giving a talk this Friday, Nov 8th from 4:30–6:00pm in Room 002. Title and abstract are below. Please note the talk will be delivered in French.

Title: Interrogative Predicates: Malagasy and some Relatives
Abstract:  The primary purpose of this talk is to describe the rich diversity of interrogative predicates, both verbal and non-verbal, in Malagasy (W. Austronesian; Madagascar). We extend our knowledge of the internal structure of interrogative predicates and the semantic range of questions a language can grammatically code (Gil 2001, Cysouw 2004). Our data support earlier typological studies establishing the existence of interrogative verbs (Hagège 2003, 2008). More theoretically, we provide some modest new support for generalizations due to Oda 2005 and Potsdam 2009 relating word order patterns to derivation type.