LING 675 Syntax 4
LING 775 Seminar in Syntax
Monday 11:35-14:25, Prof. Junko Shimoyama
Course Description
The course explores current cross-linguistic issues in syntax and its interfaces. Through in-depth investigations of particular issues, students will learn skills necessary to do independent research, such as (i) constructing arguments by carefully following logical steps, (ii) formulating hypotheses and exploring their consequences, (iii) finding an empirical puzzle and developing it into research questions for a project.
This year, we will explore selected topics in the `peripheries’ in the DP and CP domains. In particular, we will examine language-internal and cross-linguistic variations in (i) modification structure within DP (e.g., externally vs. internally headed relatives, integrated vs. non-integrated appositives, modifier order and size) and (ii) expressions of evidentiality (possible connection to Luis’ course), after thought, and so forth in the CP domain.
All are welcome!