McGill Linguistics graduate students had a successful round of funding applications! Students awarded grants include:

  • Emily Goodwin, supervised by Tim O’Donnell and Siva Reddy of McGill and Dzmitry Bahdanau of ElementAI received a MITACs grant for a 4-month internship this summer. This project explores systematic generalization in neural models for semantic parsing.
  • Jacob Hoover received a one-year Microsoft Research-Mila Collaboration grant supervised by Alessandro Sordoni and Tim O’Donnell.
  • Bing’er Jiang, Clint Parker, and Michaela Socolof each received FRQSC bourse au doctoral en recherche grants. Michaela’s project is titled “Modeling the relationship between syntax and semantics in non-compositional structures”, Clint’s is “Grammar of the Shughni Language: A Community-based approach”, and Bing’er’s is “Computational Cognitive Modelling of Phonological Assimilation”.

Other student grants are not yet officially announceable, but stay tuned. Congratulations to all!