Congratulations to this year’s BA Linguistics concentrators who graduated before the storm hit Tuesday! Among the graduates were this year’s award recipients. More information on the awards can be found here.

  • Cremona Memorial Prize in Linguistics – Misha Schwartz
  • Academic Leadership Award – Lauren Garfinkle
  • U2 Academic Achievement Award – Elena Russo
  • Department Citizenship Award – Andrew MacLachlan
  • Excellence in Research Award – Louisa Bielig

News is still trickling in about what this year’s graduates will be up to next year, but we can tell you that linguistics major Jason Kobelski Olszewski will be joining the Masters in Multilingualism program offered by the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, and neuroscience major Yan Jun Chen will be staying at McGill to study Speech Pathology. Lizzie Carolan has just returned from a trip to Guatemala researching Mayan languages and will work part-time next year as an RA for Jessica Coon. Andrew MacLachlan will head to University of Toronto in August to study Law and Kaylee Avrashi will head to graduate school for Speech Language Pathology at University of Ottawa.

We also have news of graduates from previous years. Liwen Hou (’13) will begin a PhD program in Computer Science at Northeastern University this fall where she plans to study Natural Language Processing. Ruth María Martínez (’13) is enrolled in the MA program at UdeM.