As part of the Syntactic Interfaces Research Group (SIRG) of McGill University and UQAM, McGill is hosting the first of three workshops, Exploring The Interfaces, ETI 1, on May 6-8, 2012.

For the past two and a half years, linguists in Montreal affiliated with SIRG (formerly McSIRG) have been investigating the properties of the two syntactic interfaces, Phonetic Form (PF) and Logical Form (LF) in an interdisciplinary way. Now, in this three day workshop that focuses on the structure of words, we bring together a number of external collaborators of SIRG as well as other renown researchers to explore words from intermodular perspectives. The goal is to investigate the structure of the interfaces through the structure of words, using phonological, semantic and experimental evidence, and surveying evidence from different language types. A particular focus of the workshop is to examine phonological as well as semantic evidence for cyclic domains inside words, and investigate apparent mismatches as resulting from particular interface processes.

Invited speakers: Jonathan Bobaljik (UConn), Richard Compton (U of Toronto), A.-M. Di Sciullo (UQAM), David Embick (UPenn), Heidi Harley (U of Arizona), Vera Gribanova (Stanford U), Tom Leu (UQAM), Bethany Lochbihler (McGill U), Alec Marantz  (NYU), Eric Mathieu (U of Ottawa), Neil Myler (NYU), Heather Newell (UQAM), Glyne Piggott & Lisa Travis  (McGill U), Andrés Salanova (U of Ottawa), Tobias Sheer (Université de Nice), Tanya Slavin (McGill U), Kie Zuraw (UCLA), as well as two other researchers to be confirmed.

Discussants (so far): Alan Bale (McGill), Brian Buccola (McGill), Jessica Coon (McGill), Michael Hamilton (McGill), Aron Hirsch (McGill), Gretchen McCulloch (McGill), Heather Newell (UQAM), Máire Noonan (McGill), Larissa Nossalik (McGill), Glyne Piggott (McGill), Alexandra Simonenko (McGill), Tobin Skinner (UQAM), Tanya Slavin (McGill), Naoko Tomioka, Lisa Travis (McGill).

More detailed information, as well as a link for preregistration, will soon be posted on the workshop’s website. For information, please contact