This Thursday evening––in keeping with the many Algonquian-related events happening this week––we will have a mini Algonquian workshop to showcase some of the work going on in the department. This will take place in room 002. Rough topics are given below.

4:00–4:30 – Gretchen McCulloch: Comparing Mi’gmaq indefinite pronouns to patterns found in other languages
4:30–5:00 – Elise McClay: Possessive paradigms in Mi’gmaq: Alienability as syntactic proximity
5:00–5:30 – Yuliya Manyakina: On Mi’gmaq obviation
5:30–5:45 – break
5:45–6:15 – Mike Hamilton: Mi’gmaq clause structure
6:15–6:45 – Bethany Lochbihler: Ojibwe person marking
6:45–7:15 – Jenny Loughran: The past tense in Mi’gmaq
7:15 dinner (on site)

Please email Jessica if you think you might attend so we can get a head-count for food.